Last Man Standing Latest





Our first Last Man Standing Competition for the club began on the 22nd September with 92 x people signing up for the inaugural running of this event! With a 10e entry fee, it’s a great bit of fun to add to your footballing weekends.

Round 1 commenced and we had 22 x unfortunates out in that first round with more than a few trying to beat the crowd with gambles.

Round 2 saw no exits with everyone’s picks more cautious with an eye on €450 prize pot!

Round 3, 4, 5 and 6 x all saw steady numbers falling out as we started getting to this business end.

Round 7 saw carnage as very dodgy premiership performances saw over 34 exists in 1 weekend.

Round 8 sees just 4 x lads left vying for the big prize. Congratulations to our semi-finalists: Brian Collins, Kenneth Ramsay, Ian Daly and Gar Grainger. Best of luck with the final picks.

Plenty of people out there hoping for the magic rollover if all 4 x fail at the last hurdle!!