Club Statement


The Club has released the following statement Appealing for the trouble in St Cuthberts Park to come to and end.



RE Club Statement

Clondalkin Celtic Fc is the oldest football club in Clondalkin, We have members & characters in the club from the Neilstown bridge to Clondalkin village to grangecastle and up the Naas road for the past 49 years. Many speak of the club as their most fondest childhood memories and how it holds a place in their hearts.

Now since we set our young Celts academy up and re introduced schoolboy football back into the club over the past 24 months our pitch in the community Centre is struggling with the traffic from our young superstars


We need a home !


We have been working with local groups, TD’s, councillors , FAI and local volunteers for the past 20 months to build a new home for the club , a home with proper grounds , real facilities and playgrounds, a place where to go with the family and enjoy.

We ran two annual street leagues as part of Friends of st Cuthbert’s Park, We seen no trouble, We seen Kids play, We seen families of all generations & nationalities come out and enjoy the day to this end we said we can make this work.

We are looking at a place that a lot of people only recognise as a field

The field is st Cuthbert’s Park , a park which is after attracting a lot of media attention in the past few days for all the wrong reasons.

As a club we are calling on all our members and community to help bring an end to the madness in St Cuthbert’s Park.


Help by using your voice,


The people of Bawnogue are proud, ordinary down to earth genuine people who would give a stranger the shirt off their back

What’s happening in the park is nothing new and has to stop

It’s not fair on the local people, your grandparents, your parents, your brothers or your sisters

It’s not fair on the builders not been let work 6 weeks before Christmas

It’s not fair on families living day by day waiting for their new home to be built


We all need to help end the madness

We need the builders back to work



Kind Regards,


Clondalkin Celtic FC

Clondalkin Celtic FC